British engineering combined with German know-how and Indian spirit

Who we are

We are an international team consisting of Bill (U.K), Uma (India) , Andreas and Mathias (Germany).

All motorcycle nuts and adicted to the sound of a beating single cylinder big banger.

So far the Royal Enfield Bullet was inspiring to us but over time we all were looking for more....

Andreas and Mathias spend both some time together in India and had the chance to visit to Royal Enfield factory in Chennai/ India. As they are both driving Enfields for some time now  they loved the sound and the bike itself  but were always looking for a some more power...

The rise of the phoenix

Quite awhile ago Andreas discovered again in the internet an article about Carberries V-Twin. Together with Mathias they approached Paul to find out about his engine. They met with his business partner in Frankfurt/ Germany and discussed how to participate in their team and to bring in their indian connections. First plans were made as they were in the need a cheaper manufacturing location as well as of financial support...but for some unkown reason, it never happened.

Today Carberry is history and another young indian enthusiast named Aniket living in U.S. is realizing his dream in building his own  designed and developed V-Twin.

As Andreas and Mathias still had the plan to do something by themselves they remembered an article about some british guys building their own V-Twin based on Royal Enfield components.

It took some time to research and get in contact with Bill Hurr, the engineering genious behind the engine...

In 2009 they met the first time at his home and had the chance to see the bike in real.

After some nice english beers they made the plan to RISE THE PHOENIX again...

With the help of Andreas and Mathias friend Uma from India they investigated the possibility of manufacturing the engine in the Royal Enfield origin country INDIA.

The team which assembled the first engine "made in India" , May 2014

Last update: May, 18th 2014